Techno Create: Research and Consulting Firm in Japan

Message from President


Techno Create Co.,Ltd is a leading consulting firm. We provide market research, management consulting, and information analysis over various sectors and categories of business.

In this speeding technology innovation and business environment of oversupplied information, it is vital to take appropriate first step to grasp the business environment on time and know what we should do in the circumstance for business management and accurate judgment.

To win in this critical circumstances, we provide highest-value information analysis which prove our concept, "deeper, more accurate, more promptly and more comprehensive".

To lead changing business market, Techno Create offer many types of analysis such as;
- market trend investigation
- business management
- new business / new product development support
- research and analysis of users demand
- factual investigation of competitors
- analysis of effective advertising

Our motto is “HIT THE SPOT”. Our leading advisers have wide experiences of over 20years at the various business fields, and we build long and trusting relationships with our clients on the way. We proudly provide REAL VOICE of REAL BUSINESS ENVIROMENT to our clients. Moreover, our posture towards business is also one we can pride. We provide the best solutions together with our clients and lead them to outperform.

Because the consultants of Techno Create are all well versed over various industries, we fully use the connection network with the business key person to reach the live information, and work on all issues that drive competitive advantage and performance. Techno Create is a significant business group of tactics planners and supporters of the best solution.

Yoshikazu Takeda
President of Techno Create Company Limited