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The Trend of The Food for Specified Health Use Market
                                                                 and The Future Outlook.
The market sizes of the food for specified health use continued decreasing to the 679,800 million yen peak of 2007 and reduced to 517,500 million yen in 2011.However, the drink industry (cooling drinks and dairy products) which is occupying about half the specified health food market has become the main engine for growth of this market. "Mets Coke" released in April, 2012, exploded in popularity and achieved 1 million cases of annual sale target in only two days, has become a big success of Kirin Beverages. It is also predicted that the market will enlarge even more in future. Basing on the research about the trend and the strategy of the market of the foods/ drinks for specified health use, this report will make a prediction of the market trend and the future prospects.


Publication date; Jan, 31th, 2011
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Date; Oct, 2011
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Date; April, 1st, 2010
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